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Foxy blond maiden Alexis Malone spreads her legs for the talented stud's dinky

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Duration: 5:00 Views: 59 359 Submitted: 5 years ago
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Description: This Day I had a bit of a freak show... I met up with my ally Chris, whos in town for a pair of weeks, and that guy introduced me to this super hawt hotty, Alexis. After hanging out with 'em, I noticed that Alexis had smth I like.. what this site is all about... a worthwhile overweight camel toe, but that is not all, I mean, this gal has an amazing plump a-hole that made me weak on the knees. And yep, after some convincing, this babe assented to discharge with me, believing it was for a intimate collection. One Time we got the abode, after checking her out, getting her in and out of outfits, we came to notice we had a little of an issue. We didn't have a stud, so Chris, a loyal and loving ally, stood up and volunteered himself to fuck her. So, if u just want to watch a sexy floozy get fucked hard, come on in and have a fun the ride.