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Description: So im just getting out of my psycology class with my buddy Pierre..who by the way is teh solely pierre ive ever run into with a russian accent..suspect? In Any Case hes not really my buddy hes this creepy guy who alays sits next to me in class and stares at me so after class as usual this chab follows me out and as per usual that guy asks me how class was which i always find retarded cause we're in the same effing any case this time this guy asks me "so what are we going to do?" and for some reason i thought id cater to his horny geek needs (mostly becuase i was horny and i knew my mommy was outta town and i love fucking we wnet to my mommys abode and guess what we did? yeah we fucked that guy indeed wanst hlaf bad and since im all parts great it ened up pretty good all until my mama unexpectedly came home and then all hell broke loose!