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Goluptious lady Alice March rides a pike like insane

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Duration: 5:00 Views: 5 141 Submitted: 2 months ago
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Description: Alice March and her dude Tyler Nixon have found themselves exposed in couch jointly, and this voracious pair knows exactly how to pass the time. Tyler starts by giving a kiss his way down Alice's body, taking time to suckle her diamond hard nipples in advance of urging her to her feet. Using the wall for support, Alice rises above her fellow's desirous mouth until her sweet shaved cookie is at exactly the flawless height for a thorough exploration by Tyler's tongue. After a small in number minutes of velvet fondles from her fellow's tongue, Alice turns and presses her back to the wall for some other round of enthusiastic licking. When Alice is wet and ready, this babe straddles her stud's hips and sinks down slowly until this guy is buried to the hilt inside of her. Rocking her hips slowly to draw out the pont of time, Alice leans forward to create intimate eye contact and to indulge in a lengthy, lingering kiss. The pair is ready to switch things up, but as Alice curls up on the daybed this babe is unable to resist the temptation of her beau's lengthy pulsing dick. Leaning forward to wrap her lips around his hardness, this redheaded beauty takes her time ensuring that her stud is primed for action. Settling into an intimate spooning position, Tyler and Alice come jointly one time once more. Their movements are gentle at first, but pretty soon grow harder and faster. Alice climbs to her knees, offering her luscious gazoo to her stud so that this chab can sink even deeper into the taut glove of her body. The friction sends Alice over the edge, her body convulsing with pleasure. Moments later, Tyler reaches his climax as well and pulls out to pump his essence all over Alice's awaiting back and bottom in a last action of intimacy.