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Duration: 5:00 Views: 3 734 Submitted: 3 years ago
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Description: Hey Im baaaack!!! Arent u all so excited to watch me. I hope u missed me cuz i sure did miss u. u guys all remember that eager soccer player dude my cameraman picked off the steet for me dasani the other time. It was truly quite a whilst agone i cant belieev how fast time flies when your suckin dick hehehe. Yeah so avid dasani made the mistake of giving that ger her phone number and supposivly that guy wont leave her alone about giving his ally a cook jerking, So this babe calls me the other day to watch if i would do the avid guy the favour so this guy would stop harrassing dasani of course the good ally that i am i happily obliged. And of course just like the insane soccer guy this chab hardly spoke a word of english so the entire thing was pretty awkward but likewise pretty funny now that i look back on it. This Chab was real nervous i mean reeeeeeeeaaaaaly nervous i think u guys will get a kick outta this cook jerking discharge and like ive told beofre keep the emials comin cuz who knows u could be the next to get a tugjob from me...maybe even smth more ya'll later luvya!!!!